How to Lose Puppy Fat

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How to Lose Puppy Fat : If you have not heard the term before, puppy fat is referring to the excess fat children and teenagers have as they go through their growing spurt.

There comes a time where this fat will either disappear on its own or you will have to learn the basic techniques to burn this puppy fat on your own.

Learning how to lose puppy fat is quite simple and generally the results are fast and promising.

Of course it is important to note that puppy fat is often no more than 10lbs of excess weight in children.

If you have more than this you are dealing with more than puppy fat and the results you are looking for may take longer than expected.

The first and most important aspect of burning puppy fat is diet. As a child or teenager it becomes increasingly important that you eat a healthy and balanced diet.

It is not always enjoyable or fun to eat vegetables over French fries or choose fruit for dessert instead of chocolate cake but these decisions may be all it takes to burn that puppy fat and keep it off.

Every teenager is different but the biggest first step is through diet. Make sure to include breakfast in your daily meals even if you don’t wake up until noon!

Eating three meals a day is the key to your metabolism continuing to work for you.

Skipping meals may only feel like you are making progress but you are actually falling further behind.

Next, if you find diet alone is not helping you lose your puppy fat than you will want to consider exercise as well.

Today, teens and children spend a lot more time indoors than they used to.

Because of this studies are showing a higher rate of obesity among children and teens and this is want you want to avoid.

Remember that exercise does not mean you have to spend hours at a gym.

During the summer months of the year you can be biking, walking, swimming, rollerblading, kayaking and yes running if you like.

During the winter you will find there are many institutions that provide indoor walking or running tracks, you can take up skiing or skating as well.

Basically any outdoor activity is better for your health and weight than sitting inside.

How to Lose Puppy Fat
How to Lose Puppy Fat

The major misconception about puppy fat is that it will just fall off eventually.

It is not always beneficial to believe this myth because studies have begun to show that this is not always the case.

If your puppy fat has not taken care of itself by the time you are 17 than it is not going to.

What this means for you is it is time to take action! Exercise and a healthy diet is the only way to burn puppy fat and keep it off.

If puppy fat is left too long you will find you are battling more than just puppy fat, perhaps more fat than you can deal with alone.

Don’t let it get this far.

Conclusion to How to Lose Puppy Fat

If you find you cannot workout alone than a personal trainer is definitely an important asset. Otherwise, get started creating a workout regime you can stick do.

Make sure to change up your exercises to avoid workout boredom that can stop you from continuing.

Include the bench press, chest press, leg extensions, crunches, chin ups, push-ups and lateral pulls to start.

This will cover all muscle groups and get you started losing weight immediately!

Remember, 30minutes of moderate cardio and 30minutes of strength training is a great place to start.

Hope by now you know how to lose puppy fat and would hope you share your experience with us

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