How to Lose Pectoral Fat Fast

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How to Lose Pectoral Fat Fast : Learning how to build your chest muscles and lose that pectoral fat is something that not only men focus on but women as well.

Women can choose to strengthen their chest muscles but of course, they will not find defined muscle results in the pectoral area as men will.

There are several different methods to utilize your pectoral muscles and get them working hard each workout in order to turn that excess fat into trimmed and toned muscle.

In order to begin this type of workout routine, you are going to have to work on different areas of your pectoral muscles at a time for best results.

You will want to break your chest muscles down into four different groups, your inner chest muscles, outer chest muscles, lower chest muscles and upper chest muscles.

These are the groups you will want to focus on one at a time for the best pectoral results possible.

Let us break down the exercises you will want to focus on per muscle group.

Upper Chest Exercise Choices

  • Barbell bench press on an incline for further challenge
  • Barbell bench press, military style
  • Dumbbell flies on an incline

Lower Chest Exercise Choices

  • Barbell bench press on a declined angle
  • Bar Dips using a parallel motion
  • Dumbbell flies on a declined angle

Inner Chest Exercise Choices

  • Cable cross over while standing
  • Dumbbell flies on a flat bench

Outer Chest Exercise Choices

  • Barbell presses on a flat bench
  • Dumbbell flies on a flat bench

How to Lose Pectoral Fat Fast
How to Lose Pectoral Fat Fast

By focussing your attention on each separate muscle within your pectoral muscles, you will find the results to be far superior than if you had worked the muscle as one large muscle group.

Each of these exercises should require a spotter for your own safety, so working out in partners or with a trainer is the best way to not only receive results and push yourself that much further but to make sure you are training safely as well.

Conclusion to How to Lose Pectoral Fat Fast

These exercises are easy to do and should be started with lower level weights in order to break your muscles in as they have probably not been exercised in this extreme way before.

Take the time to progressively advance to more weights and more repetitions but it is best to start with a weight you can handle and repeat at least 10-12 times.

If you cannot complete this number of repetitions than you are using too much weights for your beginner level and should bring it down 5-10lbs.

In conclusion, if you can figure out what your body wants, it’ll tell you. If you have any questions about how to lose pectoral fat fast, please let me know!

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